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At Southside Mechanicals  we aim to supply comprehensive engineering services to a quality, price and performance that meet or exceed our customer expectations. We are experienced in every facet of both small and large-scale engineering. Our team is highly qualified tradesman that operates with a strict adherence to national standards and their own superior level of workmanship. Our machinery and equipment is cutting edge and allows us to diligently complete all tasks on time and within budget. When you employ Eastall, you’re getting more than just a run-of-the-mill engineering company – you’re getting a team that emphasises customer service and quality whilst still maintaining affordability.

Comprehensive solutions
Comprehensive Solutions

Why settle for second best when number 1 is just a phone call away? Our 20+ years of experience has allowed us to develop a wide range of comprehensive engineering solutions at cost effective prices. We draw from these years spent in the industry and apply that to our manufacturing processes, meaning that all jobs are streamlined and can be completed with an accuracy that is seldom found nowadays. Currently we operate 4 divisions as noted below:• General Engineering • CNC Machining• Fabrication • Specialised Project Work  These divisions have the ability to work as a single unit or separately to achieve unparalleled results in short amounts of time.

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